Moving Abroad Checklist

October 26 2020

We know that moving abroad can be a big step whether you are moving abroad alone or with a family. We’ve been helping Brits move abroad for years and have been through every eventuality along the way. With all of the complicated how-to guides out there we have stripped things back to our handy moving abroad checklist to help you prepare to move overseas. 

Before Moving Overseas

Before you start your moving abroad process, there are a few things to consider before moving to another country. Living in a foreign country is a big thing so it is important you consider what to do before moving abroad in order to streamline that process. Some things to incorporate into your moving abroad checklist at this stage are the following:

☑️ Plan where you will live. Whilst there are options open to you upon arrival in your new country, planning where to live abroad before you set off can help provide peace of mind and is essential if you are planning to on moving abroad with a family.

☑️ Organise your visas. No moving abroad checklist would be complete without mentioning the all-important visas. Whilst visa regulations after this year are hazy at the minute for those moving to Europe, those moving elsewhere stand a high chance of requiring a visa in order to live and work in a different country when moving abroad from the UK.

☑️ Research your location. One of the top things on our moving to another country checklist is to thoroughly research your chosen country before moving overseas. Find out a bit about the local area, language and amenities before your move to prepare for moving overseas and organise anything you may require for when you get there.

☑️ Find a job in your new country. When moving abroad from the UK you will need to consider how you will support yourself overseas. Whilst this may not apply to those retiring abroad, it can be an essential thing to do before moving abroad to avoid running out of funds on arrival. Finding a job in another country before you set off will ensure you have a secure means of income when moving overseas and prevent potentially months of job-searching upon your arrival in your chosen country.

☑️ Check your tax requirements. Do you need to continue paying tax at home when you move abroad? Will there be a new set of tax regulations you will need to follow in your new country of residence? Find out about this before you make your move to avoid being caught out later on down the line.

☑️ Get insurance. Whether it is home insurance for your new home abroad, car insurance for a new vehicle or health insurance to cover you and your family when moving abroad, make sure that you have the proper insurance you need as part of your moving abroad checklist. 

☑️ Organise your financial services. When moving abroad it is highly likely that you will need to pay for things in your new home. Before you start your move overseas, make sure that you have worked out how you will access your money overseas. Find a trusted money transfer service that will let you access your money overseas and pay for immediate costs such as housing and transport costs on arrival in your new country.

☑️ Plan how you will move any pets abroad. If you will be moving abroad with pets, this is the time to be considering how you will move them abroad with you. Animals are subject to specific laws and will need a dedicated pet transportation service to get them to your new home safely whilst following strict international guidelines.

☑️ Find a school. If you will be moving abroad as a family, something that should rank highly on your moving abroad checklist should be finding a school for your children. If you are moving to a country where the first language is not English then you may need to search for an English language or bi-lingual school in the area you are looking to move to.

☑️ Research international shipping companies. After finding a place to live and work overseas, finding an international relocation company should be next on your moving abroad checklist. A good international removals company will make your move a breeze and guide you through any complicated procedures or paperwork you may need to move abroad from the UK.


Preparing your Move Abroad Checklist

Once you have planned the pre-move essentials it is time to organise your move abroad. Choosing a trusted international removals expert can help streamline this process but there are a few things to consider before moving to another country that apply to everyone moving abroad.

☑️ Choose what items you will be taking abroad with you. Whilst we all wish we could take every single item with us when we move abroad, sometimes that just isn’t possible. When preparing to move abroad you should consider exactly what you will be taking with you and what will be left behind in storage or thrown away.

☑️ Sort your utilities. Make a list of all of the utilities such as gas and electric you may have at home and arrange for them to be turned off. It is also worth doing a review of any other services you pay for and arranging for them to be cancelled once you move abroad too.

☑️ Get an international phone. This is particularly important for those moving outside of Europe but in order to avoid hefty international call charges, you should take a look at getting either an international sim or country-based sim for the country you are moving to. These can be picked up for very little and can even be free but are a game-changer if you plan on using your phone a lot abroad. Pre-paying for additional data on a mobile sim when moving abroad can also be a handy way to get around any delays when connecting your new home’s internet the other end.

☑️ Take a look at international luggage services. When moving abroad it can be tempting to pack everything you own into the boxes and wait to see them on the other side. However, once you arrive in your chosen destination it then becomes a chore to find your belongings in the sea of boxes and often leaves you having to make do without some belongings until they can be located. Sending extra luggage abroad with some key essentials can help ensure you have everything you will need for the first few days when moving abroad without having to unpack everything at once. This is particularly useful if you will be travelling with kids.


Other Things to Consider as Part of Your Moving Abroad Checklist

☑️ Driving licences. If you are moving to another country permanently, you will need to check the driving regulations in your chosen country to ensure you have all of the necessary paperwork. Many countries allow those with a UK driving licence to drive abroad for a short amount of time before requiring that they apply for a local driving licence. Depending on the country you move to this may require you to take an additional test.

☑️ Organise mail redirects for your move abroad. Organising a mail redirect with the Post Office is simple to do and will ensure you still get your post even after moving abroad.

☑️ Learn the language. If you are moving to a country that does not speak English as a first language, it is definitely worth picking up some of the local lingo before you go and considering enrolling in a class once you arrive in your chosen country.


Of course, we could never include everything in one moving abroad checklist. But, whatever you need and however you want to move to another country, the team here at Anglo Pacific World Movers is here to help. Get in touch online now to find out more about our international removals services or take a look at our dedicated international shipping services page to find out more.


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