Shipping to Italy from UK

If you are looking for a reliable baggage shipping service to get your goods to Italy, then Anglo Pacific can help. We have been an unmatched provider of baggage shipping services for over 40 years now, and so our dedicated team of international experts will be on hand to offer their valuable support and assistance all the way through the process.

Our baggage shipping service to Italy can cater for a whole range of customer needs. If you have travelled to the UK from Italy and have packed too much, then our baggage shipping service would be perfect for you. We can send your extra suitcases back home cost-effectively and efficiently. Similarly, if you want to send a gift to a friend or family member in Italy, then we can help.

Why choose Anglo Pacific to ship your baggage to Italy?

There are many reasons as to why you should send your baggage with us, including:

  • We began shipping goods to Italy from the UK in 1978, and so with over 40 years worth of experience under our belt we have unique, valuable knowledge in getting your goods to Italy safe and sound.
  • We have become one of the most established international removal companies in the UK, and so we have earned top spot as one of the UK’s frontrunners in shipping baggage to Italy.
  • We organise the entire shipping process for you, including organising customs clearance and completing all necessary documentation.
  • We understand that all customers have strict budgets to stick to and therefore we offer fair prices that are calculated on the size of your boxes or cartons.
  • We are an internationally accredited shipping company and are proud members of the BAR (British Association of Removers), which allows us to provide a reliable baggage shipping service to Italy.
  • We can send your baggage to Italy via a range of transit methods and the choice will be yours, depending on your budget and timescale.

How easy is it to send your baggage to Italy?

With Anglo Pacific offices in London, Manchester and Glasgow, it has never been easier to ship luggage to Italy from the UK. Our baggage shipping process is designed to help you send bags, boxes and suitcases to Italy with minimal effort and zero stress.

All you have to do is simply request your Italy baggage shipping quote online or get in touch with one of our experienced international specialists, wait your excess baggage to be collected on your chosen date and be ready for delivery of your unaccompanied luggage in Italy, on a date that best suits you.

Every Anglo Pacific team member is fully trained so we can ensure our customers receive a high quality baggage shipping service to Italy.

Is baggage shipping the right service for you?

Overwhelmed by the range of international services to get your goods to Italy? Don’t worry, we are here to help. We recommended customers to use our baggage shipping service if they are looking to move a limited amount of goods to their destination, unaccompanied.

Our baggage shipping service to Italy is perfect if you are looking move boxes of clothes and shoes, suitcases, guitars, golf clubs and other small items, as just a few examples.

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Why Use a Baggage Shipping Company?

Embarking on a travelling trip, studying abroad as an exchange student or relocating permanently are all situations where you might need to send a certain amount of luggage onto Italy. In these circumstances, you may have a strict budget to adhere to, and so this is where our shipping baggage to Italy services can help.

Hauling three extra suitcases and two holdalls on a flight is not only a physical struggle, but extra checked baggage can run up an extortionate bill. A general airline rule is that passengers are permitted one suitcase weighing 30kg – if they are generous. Anything over this 30kg allowance is excess baggage and some airlines charge up to £20 for every extra kilogram; sending baggage to Italy from the UK with Anglo Pacific will save you lots of money that can be better spent in Italy.

On top of saving yourself potentially hundreds of pounds, lugging many suitcases, rucksacks, bags or holdalls will be an inconvenience on all steps of your journey to Italy. If you are on a multi-stop trip or want to make travelling simple, you won’t want to carry more suitcases than comfortably possible. Sending luggage to Italy using a baggage shipping company eliminates these aches, tensions and reduce any time-wasting at luggage drop-offs and collection carousels.

Sending Luggage to Italy Costs

So that our customers always receive the best price when sending a bag to Italy, we don’t like the idea of charging per every kilogram of weight. When you ship bags to Italy using our services, your possessions are packed into the corresponding sized moving boxes, and each size variant has a fixed price.

The transport method you use to send luggage to Italy is another contributing factor to the overall costs. We use one or a combination of road freight and air freight for our baggage forwarding to Italy. The method you chose will be largely dependent on your time-frame, budget and end location in Italy.

Sea freight is the cheapest way to ship luggage to Italy, great for customers on a budget but it will take slightly longer for your bags to reach Italy. Air freight is the superior choice if you Italy to receive your extra suitcases in a hurry, but this speedy service means it is the most expensive service for sending baggage to Italy.

What do you Include in the costs?

We incorporate all of the added extras into our Italy baggage shipping costs as a thank you to our customers, but to also maintain a hassle-free procedure.

We provide all of the industry-standard packing materials, tea cartons and moving boxes that you need and we collect them directly from your home. In addition to the shipping of your boxes, suitcases and luggage, we will deliver the consignment directly to your door in Italy, once again.

Our specialists complete the mundane tasks involved with shipping luggage to Italy, such as the organisation of customs clearances and the completion of any necessary documentation.

Popular Destinations for Baggage Shipping to Italy

As an international shipping company we have connections all over Italy, and so no destination is too out of reach when you ship your items to Italy via our trusted baggage solutions.

Some of our most popular destinations are:

Lake Como
Amalfi Coast

Check out our country guides

Shipping to Italy Reviews

Shipping from the UK to Italy has never been as reliable as with Anglo Pacific. Our close attention to detail and all-inclusive services leave us a cut above the rest, but don’t just take our word for it… see what our customers think in our baggage shipping to Italy reviews.

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