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Anglo Pacific is one of the UK’s front-runners for providing international shipping services from the UK. With 35 years of practice, enthusiastic staff and outstanding customer appraisals, it is no surprise that people turn to us when they need household goods and personal possessions shipping abroad.

During our time in service, we have tweaked, transformed and fine-tuned our UK international shipping to ensure we provide punctual and ethical services to all Anglo Pacific customers.

If you are travelling abroad, sending items to a friend overseas or emigrating for a fresh start, you will want a quick and easy way to send goods overseas and Anglo Pacific can help regardless of quantity.

We send over 20,000 overseas shipping and removals consignments every year and each one starts with requesting a quote or a home survey. You will be assigned a move coordinator to make sure there is always a person to answer queries, keep your move organised, provide quotes and outline an international moving strategy that follows your budget, time-frame and consignment size.

Why Choose Anglo Pacific as your International Removal Company?


Your possessions are taken care of to the highest degree on their journey, even when travelling the seas. We start by expertly wrapping using hardy materials, moving boxes and we only allow competent staff to handle your shipment at all points. All of this plus a clear and established moving plan help to decrease the chance of theft, damage or loss.

Sit Back and Relax

Moving abroad or planning a travelling trip is exciting times and the logistics of shipping goods overseas should be the last thing on your mind. Using Anglo as your international shipping company from the UK means you can focus your attention on the fun aspects of your move while we coordinate your door-to-door shipment.

Send Goods to European or International Locations

Whether you are heading to soak up the Mediterranean sun in Cyprus, bathe in the luxury of Dubai or to taste the spices of India, no country is too far for Anglo Pacific’s expert international shippers.

Need your Goods Urgently? We Can Still Help

Our access to road, sea and air freight vessels means we can cater to your demands whether that is to save money or for a fast delivery. If you need your personal or household items shipping urgently, enquire about our Air Freight delivery!

Globally Accredited International Shipping Company

We are proud to be acclaimed and accredited by worldwide organisations for our UK international shipping solutions. We are  members of the British Association of Removers (BAR) and we are a FIDI Accredited International Mover.

No Hidden Costs with our No Obligation Shipping Quotes

All of our international shipping quotes are free and come with no obligations. We include all of the major and minor details to ensure you are not hit with hidden costs down the line. Book in for your free home survey and a team member will assess your items and provide you with a detailed and accurate shipping estimate.

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Moving abroad shouldn’t mean sacrificing all of your beloved possessions. As one of the most advanced international shipping companies in the UK, our services allow you to send a suitcase to Spain or a home load of furniture to New Zealand; whatever your heart desires.

Every country has its own list of prohibited and restricted items that you won’t be able to send, but aside from that, if your end destination allows it – we ship it!

Items we commonly deliver as part of our international shipping from the UK are:

  • Extra clothes, shoes and accessories
  • Toiletries, make-up and jewellery
  • Beds, wardrobes and dressing tables
  • Sofas, television units and office furniture
  • Computers and server systems
  • Surfboards, golf clubs, skis and other sports equipment
  • Musical instruments, weights and work tools
  • Bicycles, motorbikes and cars

Your move coordinator will provide you with an exhaustive list of items that you can ship and answer your queries if you need confirmation for any specific items.

Some shipping and removals companies offer a one-size-fits-all package for their own convenience whereas a reliable international shipping company will provide a tailored experience for every individual customer; this is the policy we employ at Anglo Pacific.

We use three shipping methods; road freight, sea freight and air freight. Each customer will find a different one, or a combination thereof, more suited to their cargo.

Sea Freight

Shipping internationally via sea freight is the most popular transit method because it is the cheapest of our international shipping services.

Your items are packed within a shared or sole-use shipping container that is then loaded onto one of our freight vessels for overseas delivery. Sending goods abroad using sea freight will often take a number of weeks, especially to further afield destinations such as Singapore, Thailand or Australia. For example, the average delivery period for air freight consignments is 7 to 10 days, compared to sea freight deliveries that often arrive within 6 to 8 weeks.

Air Freight

Air freight has the most expensive international shipping rates, but sending items via air is highly beneficial if you are in a hurry. Your goods are packed and loaded onto a commercial aircraft ready for take-off to your chosen destination. Air freight is the best international shipping method if you need a quick turnaround as your goods will reach you in a matter of days, rather than weeks.

Road Freight

Road freight is a fine choice if you are looking for cheap international shipping to the UK and European destinations. However, road freight is commonly used in conjunction with sea freight to speed up delivery times whilst keeping the cost of international shipping as economical as possible.

Our international shipping services from the UK can be tweaked to suit your budget and time-frame, but there are three dominant factors that will influence your international shipping costs – load size, transportation method and end destination.

If you are looking for cheap international shipping, sea freight is the best choice. When sending items abroad using sea freight, the cost is largely calculated based on the volume of your cargo.

In your online home survey, we assess your load and advise whether you should use the LCL or FCL sea freight method. If you choose Less Container Load, your goods are loaded onto a shipping container that is shared with other Anglo Pacific customers and you will only be charged based on the cubic volume that your items take up within the container. If it is more useful to use Full Container Load, you will be assigned a 20ft or 40ft shipping container and charged one set rate to fill this container how you wish; this is most beneficial for very large loads and vehicle shipping.

Air freight will set you back considerably more than sea freight because the bulk of your cost is calculated based on the weight of your items. Air freight is advised if you have a small number of items that you need urgently.

Another contributing factor to your international shipping quote is the distance that your goods are travelling. For example, a sea freight shipment to France is considerably cheaper than the same load being shipped to Australia.

Shipping international suitcases, parcels and home goods is already a stressful process for many and we don't want to aggravate this further by sneaking in additional costs along the way.

We are an organisation of international shippers with the customers at heart, so to avoid unnecessary frustration we provide a transparent quote from the outset and include all of the added extras so you know precisely what you are paying for and the exact service you will receive:

  • Industry standard packing materials, moving boxes and tea cartons to protect items
  • Mover and packers to arrive at your home, safely pack belongings and create an inventory
  • We load goods onto our vans and transport to shipping containers or freight plane
  • Send your items to your chosen location using the necessary shipping method
  • We organise customs clearances and assist with completing any documentation
  • Your possessions are delivered directly to your door or awaiting collection if you prefer
  • Anglo can assist with unpacking and disposal of any packing materials
Common Worldwide Shipping Destinations

Thanks to easy online accessibility, interacting with people across the world is as easy as A, B, C, so why isn’t international shipping that simple, too? With Anglo Pacific, it can be!
With bases in London, Manchester and Glasgow, door to door international shipping is straightforward. We manage 20,000 consignments every year to European and international countries, some popular locations are:

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International Shipping Customer Reviews

Shipping internationally from the UK is easy when you choose Anglo Pacific. We are committed, experienced and we complete successful shipments each and every time.

Rather than just reading what we have to say, check out our international shipping reviews.

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