Below is a list of the most common questions.

If you have a question that is not answered here please call us on 0330 031 1008 or email removals@anglopacific.co.uk

We recommend choosing Anglo Pacific or another removal company 2 – 3 months in advance of a removal. It’s possible for us to work with much shorter timescales, perhaps even a week or two, but there will be many different pressures on your time on the run up to your move date. The more notice you can provide will mean we can manage your process smoothly choosing the right options without the pressure of deadlines.

Remember to contact companies carefully, reputable companies such as Anglo Pacific are members of the British Association of Removers (BAR) Overseas Group

First step: Think about what you would like to move

Removals by sea are based on volume – the room you take up inside container. To get a quote we need to know what you would like to take. It isn’t ‘set in stone’ but it will be the basis of your quotation. You can get this information to us in different ways:

  • Take a free home survey (available in London and the home counties)
  • Free video survey
  • A telephone consultation
  • Quick quote online form (baggage, boxes and small items)
  • Quick quote online form (removals)

We will explain the entire overseas removal process from start to finish – door to door. From professional packing and wrapping, collection from your home and shipment to your new home or place of delivery.  We will agree a tailored moving plan in line with your requirements so you know exactly what will happen at each stage. You shall then receive a tailored quotation specific to your own removal and requirements.

Second step: Booking and documentation

You will be provided with a Move Manager (your main point of contact throughout your removal) who will talk you through the entire booking and documentation process. Providing valuable information and help to make the process as stress free as possible.

Third step: Ready to go!

Our crew come to your home, collect your items, ship and deliver them to your new home – international shipping is very straightforward in the hands of the experts. You can even track your shipment – we will show you how.


We use only industry approved packing materials and recognised techniques to provide maximum protection during the journey. Our movers and packers are trained to BAR packing standards, the highest in our industry, and we have been awarded BAR Packer of the Year, reflecting our ongoing commitment to training.  Every item is labelled when shipping overseas and a detailed Packing Inventory is completed in your presence prior to international removal.

When using Anglo Pacific for international shipping and removals, we supply the finest quality packing materials to protect against extremes of temperature, humidity, sub-standard roads or high seas.

View our full packing materials guide.


View our full packing materials guide.

Baggage and small shipments

We supply a great range of export cartons and moving boxes so you can pack your personal items.  We will talk you through some of the considerations regarding owner packed cartons relating to insurance and customs, but this is very much possible.   The initial delivery of cartons is free. For subsequent deliveries there is a charge but if you call us we will help you work out what you need in the first instance.


Whilst we can offer boxes for owner packing it is perhaps better to leave it to the experts.‘Packed by Owner’ boxes (PBO) are not liked by customs in some countries and at can attract more scrutiny.

Baggage (small shipments which you pack)

At this stage paperwork should have been returned to your coordinator and we will have contacted you to arrange a collection window. Items should be clearly labelled in marker pen ready for collection from a ground floor entrance. Make sure you have read the prohibited items list to you have eliminated any items that aren’t allowed.


Any items you do not wish to pack or move with us – documentation/passports, clothing, passports and other important information – please segregate, in an area away from items being packed. Our crews will not pack any specific areas that you request.

Your preparation is important to help the crews know what is to be packed.  You can mark items not going with ‘do not move stickers’ (which we supply) or by segregating in an area away from the items to go. Our goal is to ensure we only pack the things you want to go (and nothing else!) so preparing this in advance makes it much easier for all.

Don’t forget to defrost fridges and freezers and disconnect anything electrical. Beds should be unmade and soft furnishings ready to pack. Emptying the water from things like washing machines, air conditioners and coffee machines will ensure that we don’t introduce water to your shipment.

Please remember sheds, attics, garages and cellars in your preparations and remember that some countries will fumigate or treat items that are not cleaned. Please familiarise yourself with our international removal tips to help prepare you for moving day and our checklist.

Our mover and packers will empty and pack the contents of all cupboards, drawers and wardrobes as directed. They may use empty drawers or cupboards for stowing light or bulky items such as cushions and pillows but this is a case by case basis, our primary concern is that everything travels safely.

Anglo Pacific will prepare a full inventory of items that you are shipping. This is a general list required for customs but not an item by item list of contents. If you want to keep a detailed list for your own records then you can do so when packing commences, but we won’t need it for logistics.

If you have pre-packed any boxes, then be sure to keep a list of contents so we can add some information to our inventory.

There are two categories, prohibited (items not allowed at all) and restricted (may be allowed but requires additional information or a permit). This varies country to so you should refer to our prohibited and restricted items fact sheet to see whether you need more information.

As these rules can change without notice it’s always best to check directly with the country of destination. Your Move Manager will also be able to help you with any queries you have regarding items to be shipped.

If you are sending items by air the rules are a little different as some additional items cannot be permitted on a flight. All airfreight consignments are scanned before shipping.

If you have any items in your consignment to ship overseas which may be considered an endangered species you will require a CITES permit. CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, an international agreement between governments to safeguard certain species from over-exploitation.

The trade is diverse, ranging from live animals and plants to a vast array of wildlife products derived from them, including food products, exotic leather goods, wooden musical instruments, timber and some furniture, tourist curios and medicines. If you are not sure whether a species is controlled by CITES you should check on the CITES website.

To apply for a CITES permit you will need to complete an application form (charges apply). You will also need to check any specific requirements with the intended import country prior to international shipment. .

Please note we will require the CITES permit six weeks prior to your moving date; we are required to present the permit at the port of departure prior to container loading, failing which the certificate may be deemed invalid and the item may be denied entry at destination, or destroyed or returned to the UK, at your expense.

Yes. We are specialist vehicle shippers of cars, motor homes, motor bikes, boats and caravans worldwide and frequently shipping vehicles worldwide.

Upon delivery to our depot we will complete a pre-shipment Condition Survey, isolate the battery, and strategically place silica gel sachets in the passenger and luggage compartments to absorb moisture in the atmosphere.

Using specialist equipment the vehicle will be protected within the container from the household goods. We can provide a quotation to ship your vehicle in an exclusive container or can arrange shipment by groupage container service (you pay only for the container space that the vehicle occupies).

Many customers know that the value of cars at destination are considerably higher than the UK. However governments also know this and there is a wide array of regulation by customs often charging duties and taxes based on individual criteria. Some countries also check emissions and vehicle standards so whilst we can assist with information you need to consider all the details before you commit. Get your free car shipping quote today.


Anglo Pacific customers can provide an “All Risks” policy provided by The Baxendale Insurance Company DAC that will cover your goods from the point of collection until final delivery. We strongly recommend that all our customers insure their goods in transit to protect their consignment and legal responsibilities. We of course take every reasonable precaution to protect the goods against transit damage, but experience tells us that there are inherent risks during the journey be it by sea, air, or road. If you chose to insure your goods, it is important that you insure them for the full replacement value at destination.

The cover is provided by The Baxendale Insurance Company DAC who specialise in transit and storage risks.

Policy wording.

Anglo Pacific are members of the Overseas Group of the British Association of Removers (BAR) we are annually assessed and audited to ensure we continue to attain the highest standards.

We offer our customers a comprehensive Advance Payment Guarantee (APG) Scheme for your complete financial protection. The APG Scheme protects your prepayment avoiding issues due to the cessation of services by the mover.

Yes. We provide storage solutions for all of our shipping and removals services. Our warehouses are modern alarmed and secure. This is held in storage can be offered both before shipment and after arrival at destination with our partners. Please refer to insurance section regarding how this is managed through your marine insurance policy.

We are happy to arrange storage of your goods in our warehouse at origin or destination.

Our storage facilities are modern, customs approved and security protected. The cost of storage can be tailored to meet your individual relocation requirements and initiated upon your written instruction. If you are storing for more than 60 days at either end it is important to extend your insurance policy beyond its 60 day conditions.

As a FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM) we work to recognised worldwide standards, ensuring that your goods will be handled carefully and professionally from start to finish. FIDI is the international furniture movers association with over 600 specialist partners, giving us access to services all around the world. Each member has been audited and has been accredited the same standards conforming to strict financial, operational and administrative standards.

We are members of the Overseas Group of the British Association of Removers, the UK’s most prestigious moving organisation. This organisation also audit their members every year to ensure the highest standards are attained and upheld.

Anglo Pacific hold Quality Standard ISO9001 which recognises Quality Management Systems within international removals and storage and comply with the Trading Standard Institute.

Anglo comply with the Trading Standard Institute guidelines.

Anglo Pacific is represented within the British Association of Removers, the leading professional UK organisation. The members of this highly respected associated are audited annually to ensure the highest standards in all aspects of international moving

Yes! You certainly can track your international shipment online.

Your Move Manager can provide you with a link to a third-party site where you can track your shipment as it makes its journey – just ask!

Alongside moving, trade and vehicle shipping, we offer a range of complementary services:

  • International currency exchanges, for large or small amounts
  • Pension transfers
  • Pet transportation

Because we are good at what we do!

We have over 40 years of experience and we have delivered three quarters of a million consignments worldwide helping tens of thousands of customers negotiate their own journey to a new country with some customers moving with us many times over.

We are one of the UK’s largest international shipping companies, so much so, many of our competitors are also our customers as they use us to ship their customers removals to their final destination.

Anglo Pacific offer free home surveys from our London office to the home counties or free video surveys nationwide on all our international shipment and overseas removals service.

If you choose a free home survey, one of our expert estimators will arrive at your home and meet with you face to face. You will discuss your known (or unknown) timescales, which we understand are estimated and then our estimator will walk through your home. It’s important that you show us everything that you wish (or may wish) to ship overseas. Once we know what goods you are shipping abroad, our moving estimator will discuss your shipping options, moving plan and country specific information to help you plan. We will then provide you with a detailed quote tailored to your removal requirements. (This will not be provided at the time of visit) and if you like our service you can then book a moving date.

Our free video survey is the same process with the contact conducted through our Anglo Pacific app downloaded from Apple or Android App Store. This will allow you to walk us through your home using you mobile device or tablet.

With either method you will also be provided with a fully detailed and tailored quotation following appointment. Apply for an appointment here.

If you are shipping your household and personal effects the volume of your shipment usually dictates your shipping cost. Any changes in advance will allow us to ensure that resources are present on the day of the removal but we understand that sometimes last-minute changes mean changes to the quoted volume.

When this is a small amount we can pack this up and return with the shipment on the same day. For larger changes we can make arrangements for another mutually suitable day. Your quotation is valid for 28 days and accurate so won’t change if the volume is as quoted, subject to some costs outside our control. It’s important you advise us of any changes to the packing list.

There are two sizes of container 20’ (6m) and 40’ (12m) long.

A 20 foot container holds 1050 cuft /29.7 cbm. This is the approximate contents of a full 2 – 3 bedroom house.

A 40 Foot container holds 2100 cuft/59.47 cbm. This is the approximate contents of a full 4 bedroom house including a car or boat.

If you don’t have enough to justify your own container you can share one of ours, only paying for the space you use. It’s the same service it sometimes takes a little longer because we wait until the container fills up before despatch. We serve 24 locations world with shared services with frequent shipments.

Of course every home is unique, which is why we offer the survey of your home but a quick chat with us will help you choose what is right for you.

International shipping costs are calculated on the overall volume of your goods for shipping abroad, Anglo Pacific will always give your volume with their quotation so we can be transparent with any changes. Not all companies use this method.

  • Delivery of cartons for owner packing of any specified items
  • On site export packing by our skilled professionals
  • Removal from your UK address
  • Loading into a shipping container and transport to the port of export
  • International shipment to arrival destination port/airport, including port charges
  • Destination customs and quarantine clearance administration
  • Delivery to residence, assuming good access and not above first floor, or to store
  • Full unpacking of furniture and removal of discarded materials on delivery day

No two moves are alike and our quotation will be tailored to your specific requirements.

Our quotation excludes storage at origin or destination (storage charges are available on request), local ferries, tolls, provision of hoists or special lifting equipment, parking permits or dispensation, dismantling or re-assembly of furniture, unless specified.

Also excluded are import duties, taxes or other sums due to government departments, such as X-ray fees, quarantine inspection fees, customs examination fees, demurrage, quay rent, airline storage charges, cargo dues or container detention fees if incurred, and fumigation or steam cleaning if ordered, and any resulting treatment fees if applicable.

Each country operates their own import regulations and it is important that you take the time to understand these relating to your destination. We have lots of information on our resources page of our website and whilst our advice isn’t definitive, we will be happy help with some of the better known rules to offer confidence and peace of mind.

In addition Baggage shipments only include delivery to kerbside.

Anglo Pacific is one of the largest consolidators of household and personal effects in the UK. That means that we wait less time for the container to be filled and are able to despatch your shipment with the minimum of delay.

We have historically been able to quote 10 – 12 weeks for shared containers even to some of the most distant destinations, but shipping lines currently are causing delays with port congestion and equipment shortages and can, on occasion, take longer than our estimates. Your move manager will keep you fully up to date with all details once known.

Overseas shipping costs are exempt from VAT if the ultimate destination is outside the UK. VAT applies at the current UK rate only if the ultimate destination is within the UK including all storage charges.

Yes we can!

We have a network of partners around the world that will undertake customs clearance formalities on your behalf and then arrange for delivery to your final address. In most cases, international shipments sent by sea are also unwrapped for you when they are delivered. The service of unpacking of boxes varies country to country.

Please note that in some countries, such as South America where onward delivery is complex, you may need to arrange collection from the port or airport and arrange for a local clearance agent to act on your behalf.

Whilst each country sets its own importation rules it is true to say there are some recognised consistencies. You should be moving your home and have owned and used everything for a set period (mostly up to a year).

If you satisfy these two rules most countries don’t take duty and VAT/Sales Tax. There are few exceptions and some have restrictions on multiple item quantities items deemed luxury goods. Your Move Manager will advise you of the current guidelines and relevant destination.

We are members of the Overseas Group of the British Association of Removers (BAR) and offer an Advanced Payment Guarantee Scheme for our customers’ financial protection.

Our movers and packers are the best in the industry and confirm to strict high standards set by the BAR.

Anglo Pacific is a FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM), and conforms to strict financial, operational and administrative standards.

Our terms are 30 days net for account customers or payment in full prior to arrival at destination port. Our private customers should settle their account prior to collection.

Please note that where the verified packed volume (or for airfreight the chargeable weight) is greater than the estimated volume/weight in our quotation, we reserve the right to adjust our final invoice.

All business is undertaken in accordance with our Terms & Conditions. Your attention is particularly drawn to Clauses 8, 9, 10, 11 which set out our liability to you for loss of or damage to goods and property and the time limit for claims, and to clause 6 which sets out our policy regarding cancellations.

Anglo Pacific offers national coverage from their three locations in London, Manchester and Glasgow. Office hours are 0830 to 1730hrs Monday to Friday. The warehouse operate from 0800 1630 hrs Monday to Friday and Saturday morning by prior arrangement.

This varies dependent on destination but this will generally include a pdf or photocopy of your passport and visa, a list of your items (which Anglo will compose), a customs form (check our resources page) and shipping instructions form detailing your addresses and requirements.

Your move manager shall provide you with all customs documents that are required prior to shipping.

Get a free online quote in a few easy steps

Video Survey

Call us to arrange your video survey.

A video survey allows us to virtually assess the volume of your move. Using your phone or laptop as the camera, you can guide us from room to room showing the objects you wish to move. It allows us to see anything fragile, so we can arrange appropriate packing for you, and check things like access to your property to avoid changes to your quotation at a later date.

Our Anglo Pacific app offers cyber security and is GDPR compliant. It’s really easy to set up, call us and we’ll agree a suitable appointment time for your online meeting. It’s as simple as that!

  • Book a remote video survey
  • Show us your items
  • Get your quote

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