Best places to live in Germany

January 07 2022

Germany is a very popular destination amongst British expats, due to its wide range of top-notch universities and attractive career prospects. We’ve put together our top 5 cities in Germany, to help you if you’re thinking of moving to Germany.

1. Berlin

It wouldn’t be a ‘best places to live in Germany’ blog article if we didn’t mention the capital city Berlin. The laid-back culture, and great contrast between historic buildings and modern architecture makes Berlin an amalgamation of old and new.

Berlin is the number one city to work in, in Germany. The city is a major start up hub for new businesses and is also home to the headquarters of some major corporations such as Zalando, hellofresh and Pfizer, so there are plenty of opportunities for everyone.

If you’re worried about picking up the German language, luckily for you, Berlin is one of the best places to find English speaking people and jobs. Movies, the news and important cultural events are broadcasted in English too, so you won’t have to worry about struggling to get through day-to-day life.

2. Hamburg

Hamburg is Germany’s hidden gem – not many people have heard of this beautiful city. It is home to over 2,000 bridges which cross the city’s many rivers and canals, which is, surprisingly, more than Venice and Amsterdam combined! It’s popular with Brits due to its rich culture and incredible architecture, and it’s safe to say you will never get bored of this city.

Being Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg is very popular with the younger generation due to its buzzing nightlife scene. It also attracts those who are seeking employment in marketing, commercial roles or communication, as well as finance. There are also a lot of opportunities for those specialising in logistics, as Hamburg is home to Europe’s third largest port.

Do you need to learn German when living in Hamburg? Yes – not completely, but knowing a few phrases will make living and working there that little bit easier. You can expect Germans to speak a basic level of English here, but nevertheless, you’ll make it easier to get through the day by speaking some German.

3. Munich

Home of Oktoberfest, the Lederhosen and beer en masse, Munich is the place to be if you are looking for somewhere thriving in German culture. As Germany’s third largest city, you would imagine it to feel quite hectic and big, but in fact, it’s popular amongst expats due to its quaint, communal like atmosphere. It’s beautiful architecture, cobbled streets, green spaces and rich culture are just a few reasons Brits love Munich.

Munich offers very attractive career prospects for British expats who are looking for opportunities in finance, electrics or automotive industries. The city is also home to many, major, global corporations such as BMW Group, Airbus Group and Allianz AG, as just a few examples.

A large majority of Munich’s citizens have a foreign background, and, in fact, 16% of the population are actually international students. So, if you are looking for a place where you don’t need to be too concerned about learning German, then this may be for you.

4. Frankfurt

Often referred to as ‘Mainhatten’, this Germany city is a spitting image of New York. Frankfurt is famous for its skyscraper skyline and fast-paced business ventures.

Finance is the main employment sector in Frankfurt as it is home to headquarters such as European Central Bank, German Federal Bank and Frankfurt Stock Exchange etc. If you are looking for a job like this, then many opportunities await. Frankfurt is the ultimate place to kickstart your career in finance!

Frankfurt is also a multi-cultural hub, which has attracted around 180 different nationalities such as English, Turkish, Chinese and Italian. These people come to the city due to it being the financial capital of Germany. It’s safe to say you won’t need to worry too much about picking up the German language.

5. Stuttgart

Hidden in mountains and vineyards, you’ll find the flourishing, fairytale city of Stuttgart. This city is popular with expats due to its higher temperatures, in comparison to the rest of Germany, so get ready for delightful summer weekends in the mountains and beautiful vineyards. It offers a variety of things to do for all the family, with plenty of large parks, museums, botanical gardens, castles and even waterfalls.

In terms of career opportunities, Stuttgart is home to a number of automobile companies such as Porshe, so around 20% of the population work in this industry. It is also popular with young professionals, as it is a great startup hub. Those who have qualifications in engineering or IT will flourish in this city, so if that’s you, then this is the place for you.

Many expats relocate to Stuttgart with their families to work, so there is a big international community there meaning English is widely spoken. You won’t need to be too concerned if the family isn’t up to speed with the German language as the city offers an international school for all children.

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