UK signs historic free trade deal with Australia

December 22 2021

On the 15th of December 2021, Australia and the UK signed a £10 billion trade deal. This eliminates all tariffs on exports and means that Brits will be able to work and live in Australia without a visa for up to three years. This is a HUGE boost for Britain after Brexit!

For the first time ever, UK suppliers, including architects, scientists, lawyers etc will have access to visas to work in Australia.

In the first year, Australia will allow up to 1,000 workers to come from the UK to take part in a new ‘skills exchange’ trial. As well as this, Australia has promised to offer up to 1,000 visas to the UK as part of an ‘innovation and early careers skills exchange pilot.’ They will increase this to 2,000 in the second year.

Under the working holiday maker and youth mobility schemes, both countries have agreed that citizens aged between 18 to 35 are allowed to remain in each country for up to three years. They will be allowed to stay in the country without a visa or the need to work. After the three months, the expats will then be allowed to apply for a visa whilst they are still in the country.

This deal will also remove tariffs on all UK exports. This will mean it will be cheaper to exchange products such as cars, whisky, wine, surfboards and even fashion items between the two countries.

What are the 10 key benefits for this deal? 

  • This is the first time that Australia has given British researchers, accountants and lawyers access to their market
  • Architects, scientists, accountants and lawyers have easier access to visas
  • Removes tariffs on UK exports to Australia, making it cheaper to ship goods.
  • Brits between 18 and 35 will be able to work and travel in Australia for three years without a visa
  • Greater opportunity for UK firms to trade with Australia
  • Lower prices for British manufactures and customers due to removal of tariffs on Australian items
  • Customs authorities will release all goods within 48 hours and food goods within six.
  • British firms will be able to bid for £10billion a year on equal footing with Australian companies. This will give them access to billions of pounds worth of Government contracts.
  • The two countries will collaborate on tackling climate change and unfair trading practices.
  • Australia supports the UK’s membership of the Trans-Pacific CPTPP trade agreement. This will make it easier for some British exports to qualify for lower tariffs.

As a result, it’s now easier to move than ever before. This is great news for backpackers or anyone looking to move to Australia. Why not make the most of this opportunity and get moving with us today!

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