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Are you moving overseas but your vehicle is too precious to leave behind? Shipping a car overseas is no easy feat. It requires a team of car shipping specialists to complete the job safely and to guarantee your vehicle reaches you without damage; this is where Anglo Pacific can help.

Since 1978, Anglo Pacific has been the frontrunner for exporting cars from the UK to countries around the world. We have been sending cars, motorhomes, motorbikes, boats and caravans for over 40 years so our teams know the process of shipping cars like the back of their hand; you can trust us with your pride and joy.

The key to our successful auto shipping solutions is the calibre of our teams. They go above and beyond to ensure your international car shipping runs smoothly.

Ship a car with confidence

Shipping cars overseas can be daunting for the vehicle owner and it can be a complicated process for unpractised car shipping companies.

We have been polishing our vehicle shipping services for over four decades, to make sure our customers have a calm, untroubled experience and that vehicles are looked after with the utmost care.

We begin with a car shipping quote; what vehicle are you shipping, how big is the vehicle and are you shipping household goods as well? We then complete a pre-shipment survey, isolate the car’s battery and place silica gel sachets in the passenger and luggage compartments to absorb any moisture in the atmosphere.

We have the knowledge, skills and experience to prepare your vehicle thoroughly to provide the highest protection for its journey when car shipping from the UK.

Why choose Anglo Pacific to ship my car?

We can ship any vehicle

During our 40 years of exporting vehicles from the UK, we have shipped all vehicle makes in our venture as a leading vehicle shipping company. Our most common cargo consists largely of cars in all sizes, classic cars, motorbikes and motorhomes, but whatever vehicle you want to ship abroad, we’re sure we can help! Just contact our team with your queries.

Care free car shipping

Throughout its journey across the ocean, your vehicle is looked after to the utmost degree, with competent staff handling your vehicle at all points including collection, loading, shipping and delivery. You can be confident our professional Anglo teams minimise the possibility of theft, damage and loss when your vehicle is in our possession. Anglo Pacific are an all-rounder who can handle all of your possessions in one easy shipment.

No sneaky costs

There is nothing worse than receiving a quote, only for the work to begin and you realise this wasn’t the “final”; price and additional costs fly in thick and fast. We provide a quote you can trust that includes all of the finer details associated with auto shipping. Book your online quote and an experienced move consultant will provide you with a fully comprehensive, accurate vehicle shipping estimate.

Internationally accredited car shipping company

We are acclaimed and accredited by a number of organisations for all our Australia shipping and removals services. We are members of the British Association of Removers (BAR), we are a FIDI Accredited International Mover and bound by the BAR Advance Payment Guarantee Scheme for your financial security.

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Groupage or less container load car shipping is the process of shipping your car overseas in a shared shipping container, alongside other compatible vehicles.

Groupage is the preferred method for affordable car shipping, in instances where the shipment doesn’t necessitate a dedicated container, for example for small or medium-sized cars and motorcycle shipping.

If you are hoping for the cheapest vehicle shipping quote, a shared shipping container is a favourable method to send a car overseas. The cost of the groupage container is split
between the vehicle owners sharing the container and you will only be invoiced for space your car consumes – the smaller the car, the smaller the cost!

Shipping cars via full container load is the act of sending a vehicle in its own shipping container, intended for the exclusive use of the vehicle owner.

Enclosed car shipping in a sole-use 20ft or 40ft shipping container is suggested for shipping vintage or classic cars, or for those also needing to ship personal effects and household goods overseas.

Vehicle shipping in a 20ft shipping container provides ample space for your car, along with the capacity for tea cartons and moving boxes of personal effects. If you want to send two vehicles or a whole home load of furniture and belongings alongside your vehicle, a 40ft shipping container will be provided for a comfortable shipment.

Our car shipping rates are calculated fairly based on a number of factors such as the size and make of your vehicle, the shipping method you choose to export a car from the UK, how far is it being shipped and the delivery options at the receiving end.

Our customisable service means all budgets are considered and you can opt for the vehicle shipping method that is best for you and your vehicle. We can send a car overseas using a groupage service, a sole use full container load or using RO-RO.

Groupage Car Shipping

Our groupage shipping is the most pocket-friendly method of enclosed car shipping. Excluding factors such as the distance of shipment and the chosen delivery method, groupage quotes are based largely on the size of the vehicle. The costs will be split amongst other users of the same shipping container and you will only be charged for the volume of the container you use, meaning the smaller the vehicle the lower the price.

Full Container Load Vehicle Shipping

Full container load is the most costly vehicle shipping method, but it is often the most beneficial and convenient if you are shipping household goods alongside your vehicle. This premium service for your special vehicle means your car is shipped in its own shipping container, 20ft or 40ft depending on the size of your vehicle, but you can also fill any excess space with household goods at no extra cost. Full container load offers many benefits.

Popular Car Shipping Destinations

With a base in London, Manchester and Glasgow, shipping a car from the UK has never been easier. As a premium local car shipping company with international connections, no destination is too far when exporting a vehicle from the UK. We handle 20,000 international shipments every year, to countless popular European and International destinations, including:

Vehicle Shipping Reviews

Shipping a car abroad has never been as reliable as with Anglo Pacific. Not only do we think we are the best car shipping company for the job, but our customers also seem to agree, too.

Read our international vehicle shipping reviews to see what our clients think…

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