Some simple ways to declutter your home before moving abroad

January 28 2021

Decluttering your home is an easy way to keep your moving day as stress-free and exciting as possible. Here are some simple tips to make the process a little easier – all approved by organisation experts!

Why is it important to declutter my home before moving?

  • Our quotations are based on your volume therefore the less you move, the more money you’ll save!
  • You may make extra money from your unwanted belongings.
  • It will save time when packing up your goods and unpacking at your new property.
  • You’re new property will be easier to organise and clean, as you won’t be filling it with clutter!

Preparing to declutter your home

When decluttering your home you need to be disciplined. It’s very easy to get sidetracked, but this won’t get the job done!

  • Set a date. Make sure you leave plenty of time, before moving day to get the job done. The last thing you want to be doing, is rushing around the day before your move trying to get rid of unwanted belongings.
  • Make a visual plan. This can be as detailed as you like. Tick things off as you go and it will make your task a lot clearer.
  • Research where your unwanted belongings can go. There are loads of people out there looking for second hand pieces, as they say – one person’s junk is another person’s treasure! You may be able to earn a little bit of cash from this too, which is always a bonus!
  • Gather supplies. Make sure you have plenty of bin bags and boxes to hand! This will help when organising what you’re keeping, giving away, throwing out etc.

Top tips for sorting through your home

  • Focus on one room at a time. Work through your home in a logical order, room by room. Jumping between rooms will only make the task more tedious and cause confusion!
  • Separate out your items. Make sure you sort your items into those you wish to keep, those that can be recycled and those that are to be binned. Boxes or bin bags for each category will keep things nice and organised.
  • Don’t keep it if you don’t need it. Ask yourself whether you actually need some of the items you have. Do you or use it? What purpose does it serve? This is tough and it can be easy just to hold onto everything, but what you don’t need can be recycled or thrown away. It will work in your favour!
  • Tackle the paperwork. Many homes are also home to a lot of paperwork that has accumulated over the years. Gather it all together and get rid of as much as you can, making sure you shred any documents with your name and address on them. Remember, most things can now be found online so make sure you are only keeping the most important documents. Anything you are unsure of getting rid of, either take a picture of or scan onto your computer to make sure it’s backed up.

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