Why Move to New Zealand? Here are 10 Great Reasons…

May 03 2018

Emigrating to New Zealand is a dream come true for many people, but we know that moving so far away is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you’re looking for reasons to move, as well as an insight into what it’s like to live in New Zealand, read on! We will take you through the best reasons to live and work in the beautiful country of New Zealand, as well as giving you an idea of what life in New Zealand for immigrants is really like…

  1. New Zealand weather is almost perfection!
    If you’re currently living in the UK, the weather in New Zealand has to be up there as one of the top reasons to relocate. Though New Zealanders often joke about how you can encounter ‘all four seasons in one day’ due to random showers, in general, their weather is pretty much perfect compared to ours! The majority of New Zealand benefits from a near sub-tropical climate, and as an expat there you will notice your mood is constantly lifted by the drier, warmer, sunnier weather. With an average of over 2,000 sunshine hours per year in major NZ cities, you can kiss goodbye to British barbecues in the rain!
  2. Landscapes in New Zealand are some of the most beautiful to behold…
    Whether it’s a beautiful beach you enjoy the most, or a sweeping green landscape, you’ll be blown away by the spectacular scenery to behold in New Zealand. Almost 75% of New Zealanders live within 3 miles of a beach! Beaches in New Zealand are better for many reasons – they are far more unspoiled, pristine, and luxurious thanks to less litter, more secluded spots, and a lot of soft, volcanic sand. Luscious green countryside, dramatic mountain ranges, and active volcanoes are also abundant in New Zealand, making it the perfect backdrop for your great escape.
  3. Living in New Zealand means being outdoors, close to nature.
    With such great weather and beautiful destinations in New Zealand, perhaps it’s only obvious that many New Zealand natives and expats alike live a very outdoor lifestyle. With plenty of opportunity for hiking, climbing, swimming, surfing, kayaking, cycling, and even bungee jumping, there’s an outdoor activity for everyone! Spending so much time outdoors also means that getting up close and personal with native New Zealand wildlife is so easy. And don’t worry, unlike Australian wildlife, the animals in New Zealand and always out to kill you! Rather than deadly snakes, scorpions, and giant spiders, you’ll find fascinating native birds like Keas, Kiwis, and Tuis, as well as reptiles, dolphins, and even penguins!
  4. Experience a friendly and relaxed ‘New Zealand lifestyle’…
    New Zealand people, or ‘Kiwis’, are known for being friendly and relaxed (maybe it’s thanks to the great weather and connection to nature!) When moving to New Zealand, expats often find themselves feeling very welcome, making it very easy to adjust to the same, laidback New Zealand way of life. Not to mention, with only 4.7 million people spread across a land area 10% larger than the UK (which is home to over 65 million), there is plenty of room to live freely, simply, and happily.
  5. New Zealand is one of the safest, least corrupt locations in the world.
    Safety in New Zealand is very rarely a concern, especially since the country was ranked in third place on the Global Peace Index. You’ll find that crime rates are extremely low, there’s a great healthcare system, and diseases are very unlikely anyway. Security in New Zealand is also fantastic, as the country was also ranked second in the Corruption Perceptions Index, meaning that any political scandal is often very minor. Moving to NZ means living with a luxury that many don’t have access to nowadays: peace of mind
  6. New Zealand’s education system is world class…
    Education in New Zealand was recently ranked as #1 in the Worldwide Educating for the Future Index. This means it was recognised by the Economist Intelligence Unit for being an ‘effective’ education system with a high quality of teaching, cultural diversity, and a focus on student’s problem-solving and critical-thinking skills rather than prioritising test scores. Pairing the effectiveness of New Zealand’s educational system with such high levels of safety and security, you’ll see that relocating to New Zealand is the perfect recipe for a happy family life.
  7. Life in NZ means enjoying a truly multicultural, egalitarian society…
    Around 25% of New Zealand’s residents identify as immigrants, meaning that the country boasts a multi-faceted culture including large European and Asian influxes. The presence of native Māori inhabitants is also very strong, with their influence being seen in names, customs, art, and food. As well as benefiting from a wealth of indigenous and immigrant cultures, New Zealand’s society also boasts a very egalitarian nature. In other words, old-fashioned concepts such as ‘class’ don’t really exist in New Zealand’s fluid society, and wealth doesn’t weigh on opinions of a person’s worth – which is quite refreshing!
  8. Food and wine

    Living in a multicultural society also allows residents of New Zealand to benefit from a melting-pot of culinary influences. Foodies will love the food in New Zealand because it so interestingly blends native cuisine with other food cultures. To learn more, check out our in-depth article about traditional New Zealand cuisine, including some delicious NZ dishes! As the popularity of New Zealand’s food culture grows, so does the demand for New Zealand wine – NZ is now one of the top wine producers in the world!
  9. Emigrate to New Zealand for better career prospects.
    With a strong economy comes career opportunities – as such, there are plenty of New Zealand jobs to go around. Many of the work opportunities in New Zealand demand expats with certain skills, so if you have been trained in a particular area and boast a set of specific skills, you’re very likely to be able to discover great career prospects in this beautiful place!
  10. All of the above – for such a surprisingly low cost of living!
    As if you needed any more persuading as to why relocation to New Zealand would be a great idea, what if we could tell you that you could benefit from all of the above reasons, without breaking your budget? That’s right, the cost of living in New Zealand is extremely similar to the cost of living in the UK. Many necessities though, including fuel, are actually cheaper on average – as are some luxuries, such as eating out!

If you’re thinking of moving to New Zealand, don’t forget to read up on New Zealand visa requirements and find yourself a great NZ movers! Here at Anglo Pacific, we have over 35 years of experience in helping people to emigrate to New Zealand, and we have since become one of the UK’s leading removal companies to NZ. Contact us today to find out more about international removals from the UK to New Zealand.

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