Must-try Food in Singapore

May 12 2018

Good food in Singapore is not hard to come by. In fact, there are so many restaurants in Singapore, it is hard to know where to start. Whether it is served to your table or grabbed on the go with the vast range of Singaporean street-food available there is always likely to be a tasty treat available to you. That being said, some of the dishes are very different to what we might be used to here in the UK. But don’t worry, when moving to Singapore it doesn’t take long to realise just how delicious ‘culture shock’ can really be! Let’s take a look at some of the top foods to try in Singapore…

Mud-crab: A War of recipes

Mud-crab is very much a staple part of street food in Singapore, and it is much yummier than it sounds! It has been eaten in restaurants in Singapore as well street-side since the dish’s creation in the late 1950s. There were two recipes born out of this way of cooking an ingredient that is relatively accessible to Singaporean establishments. The first is the Chili Crab, that sees the crab cooked in a thick chilli sauce with a range of aromatic spices. Despite its name the crab dish is not actually that spicy although if you do tend to suffer with chilli-based dishes, you can order a locally baked bread to help mop the sauce up. The Pepper Crab is slightly different. Rather than having a thick sauce it is cooked in black pepper and as such has a slightly different flavour.

Frog Porridge: The Frog Prince of Porridge

Nice food in Singapore is easy to come by, but there are certain dishes that you might be put off by before you even have a chance to try them. Frog and porridge are not two words we might usually associate with each other in a general sense let alone a culinary one! But it certainly pays to give this one a try. In Singapore, Street food is an important part of culture, and frog porridge is one of its specialties. The frog is tender and often masterfully cooked on the scalding irons of street stand skillets and blended into a warm bed of oats, seasoning and spice that really makes for a delicious mid-morning snack (we promise!)

Durian: The King of Fruits

Although many know this fruit to be the king of fruits, it is in fact rather divisive; its strong smell means that is banned from many hotels and subways. Many westerners find its peculiar taste and texture off-putting, but many restaurants in Singapore are finding new and interesting ways of incorporating this giant spiky super-fruit into their dishes with popular results. You can trust Singaporean cuisine to turn even the weirdest of fruits into something so tasty – they are passionate about it! It is even said that the theatre in Esplanade was designed to resemble the Durian fruit.

Sambal stingray

Good food in Singapore never used to be mentioned in the same breath as the word ‘stingray’. It was once largely considered to be a bland, cheap type of fish that wasn’t really taken seriously. Since the rise in popularity of Singaporean street food snacks though, there has been a call for stingray as it is in plentiful supply and when cooked slowly in a banana leaf the meat becomes tender and crispy on the outside. It is then smothered in a thick barbeque sauce known as Sambal sauce, expats in Singapore are always so surprised by how much they end up loving it!

Kaya Toast and Coffee

It is important to start your day right, and one of the best ways to do so when you are living in Singapore is to have some kaya toast. This delicious kind of toast is packed full of and egg-custard jam, spiced with screw pine leaves and served with a side of half-boiled eggs and soy sauce. It makes for a tantalizing blend of flavours even if we do recommend going for the soft-boiled egg option to stop it being so wobbly.

So, there we have it. Some of the most interesting tasty or iconic foods for you to try. When you do eat in Singapore be sure to give them all a try! If you’re relocating to Singapore or Malaysia and need any help in the form of experienced, friendly international removals company – you’re in the right place! Anglo Pacific have built up decades of expertise in moving to Malaysia and Singapore: contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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