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Do you have household or personal effects that you need to send to Hong Kong but you’re not sure of the best way to do so? If you are emigrating to Hong Kong, relocating your business or even if you want to send a surprise to a friend across the pond, you can join the other 20,000 customers every year who utilise Anglo Pacific’s freight shipping to Hong Kong services.

We have come a long way since our inception in 1978, consistently altering, adjusting and advancing our services to become of the UK’s leading freight companies for the UK to Hong Kong deliveries.

To keep up with the continuous growth of the digital sphere and to ensure our facilities are easily accessible for our customers, we have taken our services online so you can now book, manage, oversee and track your freight to Hong Kong every step of the way.

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Reasons to Choose Anglo Pacific for Freight Shipping UK to Hong Kong
  • Save Money on Excessive Airline Extra Baggage Fees to Hong Kong
  • No Time-Wasting at Baggage Check-In Desks and Luggage Carousels
  • Sea Freight and Air Freight to Hong Kong Available
  • Ease a Load Off and Let Anglo Pacific Steer the Ship from the Start
  • Online Booking, Management and Hong Kong Freight Tracking for your Convenience
  • Globally Recognised FIDI Accredited International Mover
  • Honoured Members of the British Association of Removers (BAR)

Freight forwarding to Hong Kong means you don’t have to eliminate and sacrifice any of your loved belongings when you move to Hong Kong. Whether that is clothes, furniture or your car, shipping freight to Hong Kong with Anglo Pacific is the solution you need.

Your shipping possibilities are endless, but items that we frequently send as part of our UK to Hong Kong freight service include:

  • Dressing tables, wardrobes, chest of drawers and beds
  • Sofas, armchairs, televisions and console units
  • Bookshelves, file cabinets, office chairs and desks
  • Computers and server systems
  • Suitcases of extra clothes, accessories and shoes
  • Make-up, jewellery and toiletries
  • Motorbikes, cars and bicycles
  • Golf clubs, skis, snowboards and surfboards
  • Weights, work tools and musical instruments

Hong Kong has a specified list of restricted or prohibited items that we cannot import or only able to do so with prior approval. However, if Hong Kong permits it – we ship it! Further information about this can be discussed with your move coordinator.

A lot of freight companies apply a one-size-fits-all method for their services of freight from the UK to Hong Kong, but we know this won’t give our customers the best experience. At Anglo Pacific, we tailor all freight shipping to Hong Kong consignments to suit the specifications of each individual customer.

We have two main transport methods for our Hong Kong freight shipping and a bonus method to assist the process; sea freight, air freight and road freight.

Sea Freight UK to Hong Kong

If you want to send goods to Hong Kong on a budget, sea freight shipping is a great option. It has the most economical freight costs to Hong Kong and is therefore highly popular among our customers. Your items are packed into moving boxes and then we determine if sole-use or dedicated container shipping to Hong Kong is most beneficial based on the number of boxes.

Sea freight to Hong Kong from the UK in a shared shipping container means your goods are loaded into a shipping container, alongside the boxes of other Anglo Pacific customers. You are only charged based on the space your boxes consume within the container; ideal for customers seeking cheap freight to Hong Kong.

Sole-use sea freight to Hong Kong is favourable for large home loads or car shipping to Hong Kong. You are allocated a 20ft or 40ft shipping container and charged one flat rate for the dedicated use of this shipping container.

Air Freight to Hong Kong

If you need your consignment to arrive in Hong Kong urgently, or if you only send one or two moving boxes, air freight from the UK to Hong Kong is effective. The average time of air freight delivery to Hong Kong is 7 to 10 days, in contrast to the average 6 to 8 weeks for sea freight. However, this speedy service comes with much higher freight charges to Hong Kong.

Air freight to Hong Kong costs are calculated based on the weight of your bags, boxes and suitcases, and so this option is only used when minimal amounts of luggage are being sent or in emergency circumstances.

Road Freight Services

Road freight is a bonus option when sending freight to Hong Kong. Road freight is often the sole method of transport for the UK to UK deliveries, but it does make a great accompaniment alongside air and sea freight deliveries to Hong Kong.

If you live a fair distance from our delivery ports in Hong Kong, we use road freight to deliver the consignment directly to your door. It can often speed up delivery times as well as help to keep our freight costs to Hong Kong as economical as possible.

Moving to Hong Kong is already a big undertaking, so you don’t want to have to focus too much on shipping freight to Hong Kong. Luckily, our experts at Anglo Pacific take the reins from the start and handle all of the hard graft.

Our freight from the UK to Hong Kong services was designed with your best interests at heart, which is why we provide a transparent all-inclusive quote, meaning you don’t have to worry about the financial aggravation of hidden costs down the line.

Our comprehensive freight forwarding to Hong Kong includes;

  • A dedicated move coordinator to plan & organise your freight to Hong Kong from the outset
  • Sturdy tea cartons and packing materials to protect your belongings on their way to Hong Kong
  • Expert movers and packers will pack your items and create a full inventory
  • Pack item onto trucks and taken for loading onto the sea or air freight to Hong Kong
  • We organise Hong Kong customs clearances and complete any necessary documents
  • Freight forwarding directly to desired address or awaiting collection in Hong Kong if preferred
  • We can help with unpacking and dispose of any used packing materials and moving boxes

Freight shipping to Hong Kong Nationwide Delivery

Anglo Pacific has bases in Manchester, London and Glasgow, but it is our willingness to collect freight consignments from any UK address that makes shipping freight to Hong Kong so easy!

Although we deliver UK to Hong Kong consignments to almost all locations in Hong Kong, our more popular cities are for sending freight to Hong Kong are:

Tsuen Wan
Tsuen Wan city was developed as a market town in Western Hong Kong, originally to supply to the surrounding villages.
Kowloon is a hub of for all things entertainment, culture, arts and shopping. The city is situated in northern Hong Kong.
Sha Tin
Sha Tin only emerged in the 1970’s and it is one of Hong Kong’s finest examples of a new town development.
Jardine’s Lookout
Jardine’s Lookout is in the heart of a mountain zone, with peaks including Violet Hill, Mount Butler and Mount Nicholson.

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Freight shipping to Hong Kong from the UK doesn’t have to be a tricky task, especially when you utilise the specialist services of Anglo Pacific. We work solidly to provide every customer with a pleasurable experience, see if they agree in our overseas freight to Hong Kong reviews…

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