Our Handy Tools to Make Moving Abroad a Breeze

July 02 2020

When moving abroad from the UK or beyond, there may seem like an endless list of tasks and things to organise. With over 30 years in the moving services industry, we have helped endless customers move overseas easily and within a time frame that suits them. We’ve created some handy tools and services to complete your move abroad and make moving your belongings overseas that little bit less stressful.

Remote Video Surveys

Now, in the time of COVID-19 more than ever, we know that having someone visit your home in person to survey your belongings for a quote isn’t always possible. That’s why we offer our handy remote video survey service for wherever your home and belongings might be, without the need for a physical presence from one of our team. Simply let us know where you are moving from and moving to and we will arrange a quick video survey conducted bvy one of our experts using your smart phone.


International Customs Guides

Wherever you move in the world, international customs requirements can offer an unwanted spanner in the works. In order to avoid any inconvenient customs delays or charges it is important to thoroughly research the international customs requirements of the country you will be moving to before you pack your belongings to ensure you are adhering to any import rules. To make this easier, we have collated all of our expert knowledge from our years in the industry into a wide range of international customs guides for each of the countries we move to in order to make your move even more hassle-free. You’ll find everything you need to know about moving your belongings overseas from the UK with specific custom requirements and paperwork information for your chosen country.


Overseas Money Transfers

When moving abroad from the UK, one thing many people take for granted and may not consider until the last minute is how they will access their money overseas. Many banks charge incredibly high fees to transfer funds abroad as well as fees in your chosen destination to access your money for essential things upon arrival such as food or any rental costs that may arise as you are settling into your new country. Our international money transfer service uses our trusted partner to transfer your money with ease and save you money on moving your money overseas. Using a dedicated service such as this can save a large amount of money as well as saving time and effort on your part during your move overseas from the UK.


International Pet Transportation

If you are moving abroad with a pet, you may be on the lookout for the best way to relocate your pet. Whether you are relocating your dog or cat abroad or another family friend, our door-to-door pet transportation service makes the safety and happiness of your animal companion a top priority. Our trusted partner Airpets offers everything from nationwide collection, boarding facilities and logistical support to daily veterinary attendance and all export documentation to take the stress out of moving your pet abroad. This is just another one of the handy services we provide in order to make your move abroad as easy and as stress-free as possible at every stage of the journey. Get in touch with our experts to find out more about our pet transportation service.


Baggage Shipping

Moving your belongings abroad but need to ship a bag overseas for quick access? Our international baggage shipping service lets you send your oversized luggage ahead for less for those essential items such as clothes that you can’t wait for. We’ll collect your unaccompanied baggage on a date and time of your choosing and deliver your suitcase or box to a destination chosen by you at a time and date to suit you. Whether you are a student moving overseas to study or a family moving abroad who needs easy access to your essentials on arrival, our international baggage shipping service provides an easy, cost-effective service to help you relocate overseas.

Ready to start your journey moving overseas? Wherever you are moving to in the world, our international removals service can help. Get in touch now or call 0800 633 5445 to talk to a member of our team.

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Video Survey

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