Our most popular baggage shipping destination of 2022

December 15 2022

2022 has been a great year for Anglo Pacific, with the world opening up more since the Covid-19 outbreak in March 2020. Our international baggage service has been particularly popular amongst our customers, so we thought we would share some of our most popular baggage shipping destinations from this year.

Our top 5 baggage shipping destinations in 2022

1. Australia

Unsurprisingly our top baggage shipping destination of 2022 was Australia! We carried out approximately 390 baggage shipments to all over Australia, including Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, the Gold Coast and many others.

But why is Australia such a popular destination with British expats? Many Brits are drawn to Oz due to its attractive employment opportunities and delightful climate. We also love the idea of an outdoorsy lifestyle… so barbeques on the beach and the idea surfing the Australian waves on a sunny day is right up our street!

2. USA

Following Australia, the USA was our second most popular destination this year. We helped around 220 customers to ship their belongings overseas to a range of American locations, such as New York, Boston, Miami, San Franciso and many more.

The USA is a popular destination for British expats because, according to a survey that was carried out, it offers the highest average income in the world. It is also a pretty inexpensive in terms of purchasing food, fuel and housing which is great for Brits who are looking for their salary to stretch a little further.

3. New Zealand

Coming out as our third most popular destination of 2022 is New Zealand! We shipped approximately 115 customers belongings via our baggage service to all over New Zealand. Some of the most popular locations we shipped to were Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and many more!

New Zealand is a great place for Brits to move to and is a popular destination due to the refreshing lifestyle and gorgeous weather the country has to offer. We defiantly aren’t surprised that Brits currently make up around 2,425,278,215,000 of New Zealand’s population!

4. Canada

Canada was our fourth most popular destination this year, with us shipping around 75 customers belongings to this wonderful country. Our baggage shipping service sent goods to all over Canada, some of the most common locations being Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and more.

Brits are drawn to living in Canada as it is a very desirable place to start your new life. It has a great standard of living; incredible scenery and it is also a very friendly and welcoming place for expats to settle down in. Canada is actually ranked as one of the ‘best countries’ to live in due to their inspiring job prospects and high quality of life.

5. South Africa

Ranking as our fifth most popular destination for baggage shipping in 2022, was South Africa! We helped around 55 customers to ship their baggage items to sunny South Africa last year to all sorts of destinations such as, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and many others.

South Africa is a popular place for British expats to move to because of its stunning scenery, warm climate and their reassuringly widespread use of the English language. People from the UK began migrating to South Africa, in large numbers, following the Napoleonic war, when Britain was in an unemployment crisis and since then it has remained a very attractive place to live for Brits.

Looking to ship internationally via a baggage service?

The above destinations are just a small number of countries we can ship your belongings to. No matter where you are looking to ship to, we can help you to get your belongings to their destination safely, securely and efficiently.

If you are considering using a baggage shipping service to ship your belongings overseas, contact us today to find out more information. You can also visit our international baggage shipping page on our website to see what the service involves or get your online quotation via our reliable quoting engine.



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