Our reliable pet transportation service

Door-to-door pet shipping to reunite the whole family at your destination

As part of your international removal service, Anglo Pacific can arrange for your furry friends to be transported to any destination in the world. This inclusive service means that you can move everything overseas at once, from your wardrobes or kitchen appliances to your family cat or dog.

We understand that transporting your beloved pets can be a daunting experience, however working alongside our trusted partners, Starwood Animal Transport, we are able to provide an efficient, reliable and stress-free relocation service.

Why choose Anglo Pacific as your trusted pet shipper?

Nationwide collection

We can collect your pet from your home, no matter where you live in the United Kingdom. From home, your pet will then either travel to safe and secure boarding kennels or straight to the airport.

Reliable tracking

You will have the ability to track your beloved pet whilst they are in transit to destination. The tracking system is global, meaning no matter in the world you are moving to, you can track their movements to whole way.

Your pet will be protected

All of our pet exports come with their very own, reliable, Pet Protection Plan for added piece of mind. This is built into the price of your pet transportation service.

A personal pet consultant

Every pet export will be assigned a personal pet consultant who is professionally trained to deal with your pet’s transportation. Moving a pet internationally is a complex process, and so we have measures in place to ensure all necessary arrangements are made for you by your personal pet consultant.

Arranged quarantine

Some international destinations will require your pet to quarantine for a certain period of time. We will advise you if this is the case for your individual situation and your personal pet consultant will be responsible for arranging this for you, if it is required.

Made to measure travel carriers

Our pet transportation partners can provide you with an airline-approved travel carrier, if you don’t own one. Pet travel carriers must comply with IATA rules and regulations to ensure that your pet is able to stand, sit down, turn around and lie easily. All travel carriers supplied by our partners include water bowls and are lined with a VetBed for additional comfort, as well as a dry bed for relaxation during the journey.

Included VetBed for maximum comfort

As previously mentioned, the travel carriers provided will be lined with a VetBed. This material is incredibly cozy and hygienic, with excellent drainage properties. VetBeds ensure your pet is transported with maximum comfort, to give you a piece of mind during their transit.

Arrival services

Our transportation service also includes reliable arrival services, which include customs clearance and delivery to your destination, if this is required. This will also be coordinated by your personal pet consultant, meaning you can sit back and relax.

How does our pet transportation service work?

Moving your pet internationally can be a complex process but with our reliable partnership with Starwood Animal Transport, we make it easy. Here is how it’s done:

  1. Your International Move Coordinator will arrange for a survey to be a carried out with one of our International Surveyors, to understand your requirements for your upcoming move abroad. During the survey, our International Surveyor will ask whether there are any pets that need to be moved.
  2. Our International Surveyor will take down the name of your pet and show you how to measure them. This is to ensure Starwoods Animal Transport can arrange for the perfect-sized travel carrier for your pet. We will also take a photo of your pet, to pass onto our partners to use for reference.
  3. Following your survey with us, your International Move Coordinator will then put you in contact with our pet transport partners who will assign you to one of their Personal Pet Consultants. Your Personal Pet Consultant is expertly trained and is extremely familiar with all the restrictions and regulations when moving pets around the world.
  4. Your Personal Pet Consultant will then discuss all the details regarding your pet’s travel plans and will advise you on what you need to do to ensure your pet is prepared for transport.

If you are considering moving your pet abroad, contact us today.

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