10 reasons to move to Germany

May 25 2021

Germany is a popular place for British ex-pats and other nationalities. Excellent food and drink, beautiful landscapes and fantastic travel opportunities are just some of the reasons people move to Germany.

1. Stable economy

Germany has the strongest economy in Europe and it’s also one of the largest in the world! They have low unemployment rates and great business growth. German companies are always seeking skilled workers, and particularly in industries such as healthcare, engineering, and IT.

2. Travel opportunities

Germany is right in the center of Europe and so makes traveling super easy! You can be in the Alps for ski season in just a few hours, explore the beauty of Salzburg after a short train journey. It’s a great opportunity to explore more of Europe without having to get on a plane.

3. Workers protection

When you get your job, you can be assured that you’ll be treated fairly. Germany has slightly fewer working hours than in the UK and generous parental leave. You’re also entitled to a minimum of 30 days paid leave, and if you’re laid off, statutory redundancy pay is one month for every year of service.

4. Transport and infrastructure

Germany has some of the best transport links in the world. They have super-efficient public transportation in not only major cities but even rural areas that are served by excellent and very affordable bus routes. For longer journeys, the ICE high-speed train travels at 330 km/h, or motorists with a need for speed may prefer a trip on the autobahn – a motorway largely without speed limits!

5. Education

There are many highly commended international schools, favoured by British expats, where they teach in English but you will also be taught German. Standard German schools are very good but most do not teach in English, so this might be a better option if your kids already know the language or something to explore after they settle into the language. There are plenty of opportunities for you and your family to learn the language (with classes taught regularly throughout the country). Germany is also home to many world-class universities, and fees are much, much cheaper than the UK.

6. Quality of life

Quality of life factors highly for Brits moving abroad, and Germany’s clean, safe cities with lots of green spaces, as well as a lower cost of living the UK all make it a fantastic destination for an international move.

7. Something for everyone

There’s so much diversity across Germany, from ultra-cool cities like Berlin to the old-fashioned Bavarian charm of Munich, the rich abundance of countryside to the major business metropolises, any expat is sure to find the perfect place for them.

8. Weather and climate

Germany still enjoys all four seasons like the UK but in some areas, they are more extreme. Generally speaking, Germany has a slightly colder Winter and hotter Summer. This is more typical in the southern areas of Germany. Most German wine is made in the southwest of the country as that typically sees the hottest temperatures in the summer months.

9. Food & drink

German cuisine has become more widely appreciated. Beyond weiner-schnitzel and currywurst, there’s an emphasis on fresh seasonal produce, and every German bakery is filled with exceptional bread and delicious treats, sweet and savory.

10. Drink

In terms of drink – you won’t find better beer than in Germany. Beer is a major part of German history and culture, it’s traditionally produced using only water, hops, and malt as ingredients. The German Stein has become a symbol of German culture and it’s the way beer is mostly consumed during the annual Oktoberfest celebrations.


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