Top places to retire abroad

April 20 2021

Who wouldn’t want to live out their golden years on the beautiful Filipino sand or the divine French vineyards? It’s not uncommon for Brits to decide to take themselves off to another country when their retirement comes around, but deciding where to go can be a tough choice! To help you out, we have put together some recommendations.

Top places to retire to in Europe

  • France. If you don’t want to retire far from the UK, then France might be the perfect place for you. In International Living’s 2020 Annual Global Retirement Index, France was ranked within the top 10 best places to retire to. Besides the amazing food and wine, France offers an excellent healthcare system which ranks best in the world by the World Health Organisation. If you head to the South you can enjoy warmer weather for much longer than you can in the UK.
  • Spain. Many people from the UK choose to retire to Spain. It’s got a lot to offer including, warm weather, a relaxed culture and a high standard of living. It’s also not too far from the UK if you wanted to pop back for Christmas. It’s also a popular retirement choice due to its affordability.
  • Cyprus. Deep in the eastern parts of the Mediterranean, Cyprus offers a sunny, high-cultured environment for expat retirees. Gaining a right to stay there is relatively easy and it’s quickly growing in popularity, due to it’s laidback lifestyle approach, peaceful communities with low crime rates, and low costs of living.
  • Croatia. With gorgeous scenery, an inviting Mediterranean climate and fantastic food and wine, you can see why Croatia is such a popular destination amongst retirees. The country is full of culture and adventure. There will always be activities to keep you busy, such as cycling and plenty of hiking – so, it’s safe to say you will never be bored! Quality of life is also high in Croatia, due to it’s low cost of living, low crime rates and good standards of healthcare.

Top places to retire to in Asia

  • Indonesia. Indonesia is sprawled across 17,000 islands and has been attracting retirees for many years, due to it’s low cost of living, incredible cuisine and low crime rates. English is a widely spoken language there and healthcare is pretty affordable. Much of the retirement action centers around cities on the island of Bali, and the capital, Jakarta.
  • Malaysia. An affordable Asian culture, very popular amongst British retirees. Malaysia is favored for it’s steamy climate, low costs of living and the exotic mix of cultures, which influence the cuisine and lifestyle. The government make it easy for retirees with a My Second Home program that includes long-terms visas. George Town, on the Straight of Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh are all very popular destinations amongst expat retirees.
  • Philippines. This warm, English speaking Pacific Ocean nation, made up of 7,400 islands sounds like the most idyllic place to retire to! As well as the natural beauty this country has to offer, it also provides fairly reasonable costs of living and healthcare services are adequate. The process of obtaining residency in the Philippines is relatively easy and therefore there should be no issues gaining permission to stay there.

Other great places to retire

  • Canada. If you are more of a winter person, Canada is the place for you. Home to many natural landscapes, such as Niagara Falls, Moraine Lake and Ellesmere Island, Canada has beauty galore. These are sights you will never see anywhere else, so there is a lot to explore!  Canadians are also extremely friendly. The majority speak English, alongside French – this will be a good opportunity to pick up a new language too!
  • South Africa. Grahamstown, South Africa is a brilliant place to retire to! It is the perfect place for those who love art and literature. The city hosts national arts festivals every summer and is home to Rhodes university, which is famous for being a cultural, art and literature hub. The weather in South Africa is also another bonus. The climate is pleasant, not too hot and never too cold. It is also popular with animal enthusiasts as there are many elephant sanctuaries to visit and even safari tours! Another appealing factor of this city is that the costs to live there are generally okay and suitable for most retirement budgets.

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