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Are you looking for affordable and dependable services for sending luggage to Dubai? Are you searching for a baggage shipping company you can trust with your worldly belongings?

We have the skill and the workforce to handle all of your Dubai luggage shipping requests, regardless of the circumstances.

We have been a driving force for reliable shipping luggage to Dubai services for over 40 years. In this time, we have invested time in our staff and advancing our services to become the UK’s major baggage shipping company for sending luggage from the UK to Dubai.

With 20,000 consignments sent every year, we know the process of shipping luggage to Dubai from the UK, inside-out. You can be sure to receive a superior service for a stand-out price.

Sending Excess Luggage to Dubai made Easy!

We have offices in major UK cities, but it is our ability to collect from any UK address that makes shipping luggage from the UK to Dubai so convenient. Our process is intended to help you ship boxes, bags and suitcases to Dubai with minimal fuss:

  • Let us know you want to ship luggage to Dubai by booking your online video survey or requesting your online quote.
  • Await the delivery of packing materials and tea cartons
  • Have your excess luggage collected from your home on the day you request
  • Be ready for the delivery of your boxes and suitcases at your end destination, on a day that suits you

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Why Use Professionals for Luggage Forwarding to Dubai?

The list of reasons why you should use an expert team for sending luggage to Dubai from the UK is lengthy.

Firstly, it is an extremely convenient way to send luggage to Dubai, but it is also the cheapest way to send luggage to Dubai.

Venturing on a six month trip to Dubai, migrating permanently or moving to study in Dubai are all times when you might want to take larger amounts of baggage without wanting to pay an inflated price; this is when you use our luggage to Dubai solutions.

Taking extra bags and suitcases onto a domestic flight has a staggeringly large bill, considering the general allowance is one weight restricted suitcase per passenger, anything beyond this incurs an extra charge. Unlike airliners, we do not operate a ‘per kilogram’ billing scheme, so the cost of sending luggage to Dubai stays low.

Carrying all of these extra bags also presents a physical struggle. If you want the travelling to be as easy as possible, you won’t want to be carrying more suitcases than you can comfortably manage. Using a professional company to send excess luggage to Dubai is the easiest way to eradicate frustration, strain and time wasting at luggage drop-off desks or at collection carousels.

Costs of Shipping Luggage to Dubai from the UK

To provide our customers with the best Dubai luggage shipping prices, items are packed into the appropriately sized moving box, and every size variant of box has its own set fee that you can fill how you wish. For larger pieces of cargo we calculate luggage shipping to Dubai costs based on the combined dimensions of your suitcases, sports equipment or musical instruments etc.

The transport method you choose for baggage shipping to Dubai also has an influence on your quote. We use one of, or a combination of, road, sea and air freight to send your luggage to Dubai; the best method depends on your time-scale, end destination and of course, your budget.

Sea freight is the cheapest way to send baggage to Dubai, but be aware it does take some weeks for your belongings to arrive, especially for international destinations. Air freight is the fastest way to send your bags, but the prompt service means higher costs for sending luggage to Dubai.

In short, if you are running a tight budget, sea freight is the best way to send luggage to Dubai, but if you need your luggage in a hurry, air freight is the safest transport method.

What is Included in your Luggage Shipping to Dubai?

As a thank you to our customers, we include all of the added extras into our luggage shipping costs to make sure you are not hit with hidden charges down the line. This also helps to maintain a hassle-free service when sending luggage to Dubai.

Our door-to-door- baggage shipping to Dubai includes packing materials and shipping boxes, we collect luggage from your home, we send your goods overseas and hand-deliver to your desired Dubai address on a day that you choose.

Our baggage shipping teams also complete the mundane tasks required for sending luggage to Dubai, including organising and completing all customs clearances and documentation.

Popular Destinations for Luggage Shipping to Dubai

As an international baggage shipping company with connections in Dubai, no address is out of reach when you send excess luggage to Dubai. We take care of 20,000 international consignments every year, many of which are to popular Dubai locations, including:

Jumeirah is a residential neighbourhood in Dubai, offering upmarket fashion, coffee shops and a white-stone Jumeirah Mosque.
Deira is the oldest and most traditional areas in Dubai city. Deira is home to swathes of gold souks, hotels and restaurants.
Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina is Dubai’s wealthiest neighbourhood, reflected in surroundings of contemporary living, fine-dining and elegant stores.
One of the city’s most cosmopolitan neighbourhoods, Mirdif’s population is an international melting pot of ethnicities, religions and cultures.

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We are proud of our dependable services for sending bags to Dubai and our attention to the finer details sets us apart from other luggage shipping companies. See what our customers think in our baggage shipping reviews.

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