Moving During the Pandemic

December 02 2020

Whilst the world has been battling against the recent pandemic you may think that your plans to move abroad may be cancelled. However, if you still need to move abroad during the pandemic, Anglo Pacific World Movers are here to help. Our professional international movers are still providing overseas removals services with extra precautions put in place to protect our team and customers. We’ve put together a handy guide to moving abroad during a pandemic to make sure you move overseas safely.

Check Whether it’s Safe to Move

The first thing you will need to consider when moving abroad during a pandemic is whether it is safe to move to the country you are planning on relocating to. If the country you are moving to has a particularly high rate of infections and a struggling healthcare system, ask yourself if now is the right time to be moving to that country or location. Checking official government websites can allow you to check the current travel advice for that area and any issues you should monitor before, during and after your move.


Make Sure your Move is Legal

When planning an overseas removal during the pandemic it is important to follow all local rules and guidelines both in your home country and the country you will be moving to. Although guidelines may be complicated, it is important to follow any rules to the letter to avoid prosecution and putting yourself and others at risk. Some countries have dealt with the pandemic by enforcing national lockdowns so it is important to check that you will be allowed to move to your chosen country before you move your goods and yourself.


Follow Government Guidelines to the Letter 

With many delays taking place during the pandemic, we have put many additional government guidelines in place. It is important that you follow these rules to the letter in order to prevent unwanted and costly delays during your move abroad. It is worth checking to see if the country you are travelling to needs things such as a negative COVID-19 test or if you will need to enter quarantine upon your arrival and for how long. In order to conduct your move, there may be additional restrictions or documents required so it is imperative you ensure these are checked before embarking upon your move.


Get your Insurance Sorted Early

Two things you cannot compromise on during a pandemic is your healthcare and the security of your belongings. As with many business and organisations during this time, insurance companies are shoring up their securities and many will not offer insurance to things they consider to pose a high risk. Getting your insurance sorted early means that you have more time to shop around and to check what is covered under your policy. It also means that, if the risk level of the country you are moving to goes up, you are already covered. Be sure to check your health insurance to make sure that it covers coronavirus to make sure that if the worst should happen, you are completely covered.


Don’t Move if you Are Sick

It probably goes without saying, but if you are ill, even if it seems like it could be nothing, you should not be moving house. Doing so could land you in a lot of trouble as well as putting those you come into contact with at risk. You also stand the risk of being refused entry to the plane. If you are shipping furniture overseas, consider asking someone else to be present at your overseas moving destination to meet your belongings whilst you recover and monitor your symptoms closely.


Be Aware of the Risk Level in your New Home

When moving to another country, it can be tempting to bury yourself in your own little moving bubble and focus on the task of packing and unpacking your belongings in your new home. However, it is important that if you are moving during a pandemic, you keep up to date with the risk levels in your new home both before your move and after your move. If the country you are moving to does not speak English as a first language and you do not yet speak the native language, make sure you have an accessible way of learning about local restrictions that may be put in place and how the area is faring with its cases.


Make Sure You Use a Reputable Moving Company With Up-to-Date Advice

When moving to another country during a pandemic it is important that you have access to all of the advice you need to make an informed move. Our team of specialists strive to provide as much information as possible to each of our customers during this time with dedicated shipping coordinators ready and waiting to supervise every step of your move. Our experienced and informed advice will ensure a smooth move without the worry of unexpected costs and problems.


Get in touch online or call 0800 633 5445 now to talk to our team about how we can help you move abroad safely during the pandemic.

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