Straightforward Services to Send a Package to Malta

Are you looking to ship boxes to Malta? Do you need a reliable shipping company that will take care of your belongings? If so, Anglo Pacific’s services for shipping boxes to Malta from the UK are the answer whether you are migrating for a new life in Malta, returning home or sending a birthday present to a friend.

Since our establishment in 1978, our box shipping solutions have been enhanced, developed and now taken online to give our customers an outstanding service every time. Our commitment has allowed us to become one of the UK’s front-runners for sending packages to Malta, handling over 20,000 consignments annually!

All-Inclusive Malta Box Shipping

We designed our process for sending boxes from the UK to Malta to require minimal effort from our customers.

You are assigned a shipping coordinator who fully synchronises your shipment of boxes to Malta from the beginning. All you have to do is request your online quote or book a remote video survey, the hard labour is left to us!

Our comprehensive service for sending boxes to Malta includes:

  • A dedicated shipping coordinator to fully plan and manage moving boxes to Malta
  • Industry-approved packing materials and robust tea cartons or boxes
  • Professional movers to pack your tea chests to Malta if you would prefer
  • Boxes are taken for loading onto air freight or shipping container to Malta
  • Send boxes to Malta via the agreed transportation method
  • We organise Malta customs clearances and assist with any required documentation
  • Delivery of your shipping boxes to the door of your chosen home, hotel or office address

Why Choose Anglo Pacific for International Package Shipping

Make Your Journey Simple

Carrying extra boxes or suitcases onto a long haul flight is nothing but inconvenient. Luggage is heavy, awkward to carry and it means spending a lot of time at baggage drop-off desks or luggage carousels when you could be chilling in Malta. Shipping boxes to Malta with Anglo means eliminating stress, frustration and time wasting!

Cut Down the Cost of Sending Boxes to Malta

Most airlines charge on an excessive price on a per-kilogram basis. This means the cost of sending a full suitcase of personal or household items can sometimes equal hundreds of pounds. Anglo Pacific’s economical services for sending boxes to Malta are here to change that.

In a Hurry to Malta? We Can Still Help

Our access to air freight carriers means we can work to your timescale, despite how unachievable you think it might be. If you need boxes sent to Malta in a matter of days, inquire about our air freight delivery today!

Worldwide Accredited Malta Box Shipping Company

We are acclaimed and accredited by a number of organisations for our services of shipping packages to Malta. We are members of the British Association of Removers (BAR), we are a FIDI Accredited International Mover and importantly, bound by the BAR Advance Payment Guarantee Scheme for customers financial security.

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The possibilities are endless when sending a box to Malta with Anglo Pacific. Whether you want to send office, household or personal items, musical instruments, sports equipment or technology, we have the capacity to ship whatever you desire to cities across Malta.

Items that our customers commonly send in their shipping boxes to Malta are;

  • British food, snacks and a popular favourite – English tea!
  • Clothing, accessories and shoes
  • Make-up, toiletries and jewellery
  • Work tools, computers and televisions
  • Kitchenware, crockery and cutlery
  • Curtains, textiles and soft furnishings
  • Lighting, mirrors, artwork and pictures
  • Surfboards, gym equipment and bicycles

Malta has its own specified list of restricted and prohibited items that you cannot ship, or that require pre-approval. But if Malta allows it, we can send it!

We offer a full packing service if you require. We wrap all of your items and pack them into robust boxes for shipping to Malta to ensure they are protected on the long journey to Malta. We also create a full inventory so you know exactly what you are sending to Malta and what should arrive at your end location.

We understand that some customers would prefer to pack their own UK to Malta shipping boxes, but your goods still need full protection in transit. Therefore, even if you self-pack, we supply all of the necessary packing materials, tea cartons and moving boxes.

Here are some tips and tricks to self-pack your shipping boxes to Malta like a pro:


You can never be too prepared when moving to Malta. If you start packing your belongings early, you are less likely to forget anything important while eliminating any feelings of being ‘rushed’. When possible, you should start packing 6 to 8 weeks beforehand, then you can pack room-by-room at a steady pace.


Do you need to take the pair of shoes that you haven’t worn in six years? Or that artwork you forgot you ever had? These are the questions to ask when sending boxes to Malta from the UK. Only taking items that you NEED or those that have great sentimental value will not only make the process easier but also keep box shipping costs to Malta as cheap as possible.


To reduce the chance of damage when you send a package to Malta, you must thoroughly wrap any fragile or precious items including glassware, china, mirrors, crockery, artwork and the likes. You should consider using a combination of packing materials such as bubble wrap, corrugated card, tissue paper and packing foam when you send a box to Malta from the UK.


If you use a moving box that is too big or too small, you increase the risk of damage. Your moving boxes should always have a bit of space inside of them, but this should be sufficiently filled with packing foam to cushion the contents of the shipping box to Malta.


When you ship boxes to Malta, they must be clearly labelled for a number of reasons. Firstly, it makes unpacking easier if you have labelled which room each box belongs in, but also for safe the delivery of your items. Label all moving boxes with your name, contact details and your new address, that way if they are misplaced, they can be easily forwarded on or you can be contacted to arrange delivery.


Creating an inventory is advised so that you know exactly what you have packed, what should have arrived and to easily distinguish what – if anything – is missing upon arrival in Malta.


We highly suggest packing a box of essentials that you can keep on your persons so that when you arrive in your new, empty home in Malta, you will have easy access to necessities. This can be household or personal items, for example, toilet paper, kettle, toaster, box cutter, medicine, toothpaste and toothbrush etc.

Our costs of sending boxes to Malta are always fair and in accordance with your specific moving requirements and load. Unlike some international box shipping companies, we don’t charge based on weight per kilogram, we focus on three main factors; quantity of boxes, shipping method and end destination.

The main impact on how much to send a package to Malta from the UK is the number of boxes and the sizes of these boxes. We pack all items into appropriately sized moving boxes and assess the quantity boxes; each size variant of moving box has its own fixed price.

The shipping method is also taken into consideration when calculating our quotes. The most popular and cheapest way to send a package to Malta is via sea freight. Your boxes are loaded onto a shared or sole-use shipping container to Malta; shared shipping container is the most cost-effective and ideal for anything less than small homes load.

If you need to send a box to Malta in a hurry, you can inquire about our air freight boxes to Malta service. However, this speedy service comes with much higher Malta shipping costs and is only recommended in urgent cases and for one or two moving boxes. Sea freight has an average delivery time of 6 to 8 weeks, whereas air freight’s average delivery time is 7 to 10 days.

Your end destination might also influence your overall costs of shipping boxes to Malta, the further that your boxes are being sent, the more it will costs.

Your shipping coordinator will provide a fully detailed, no-obligation online quote before you agree to our shipping services, to ensure you are happy with the costings and to see where your money is going.

We have a variety of purpose made moving boxes and tea cartons for shipping a package to Malta, all of different shapes and dimensions to accommodate any personal or household items you want to ship to Malta. Whether you need your shipping boxes large or small, flat or cubed, there options to suit all items.

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Popular UK to Malta Box Shipping Destinations

With Anglo bases in Manchester, London and Glasgow, shipping boxes from the UK to Malta have never been easier!

Thanks to today’s online accessibility, communicating with people on the other side of the world is easy as A, B, C… so why isn’t international box shipping from the UK to Malta that simple, too? With Anglo Pacific, it can be!

Although we ship boxes to almost all locations in Malta, some of our more popular cities when shipping boxes to Malta are:

Valetta is one of the world’s smallest capital cities, known for its baroque architecture, majestic churches and lavish museums.
Sliema is on the east coast of Malta, with 17th and 18th architectural structures still of main focus in the town.
Zabbar has no shortage of intricately designed churches with exquisite décor, stained windows and hand-painted ceilings.
San Pawl il-Bahar
Also known as St. Paul’s Bay, the town is the largest in the Northern region and also the most populated.

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Sending a box to Malta is straightforward with Anglo Pacific. Our commitment to providing a smooth and punctual service means our customers are satisfied each and every time. See what our past customers think in our shipping boxes to Malta reviews…

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