Shows & Exhibitions

Theatrical removals and exhibition forwarding is a highly specialised art involving a great deal of science. The safe transfer of your company's theatrical effects or exhibition equipment on time and to budget is your prime concern. Failure of any kind could, at best, spoil people's pleasure, at worst it could jeopardise people's livelihoods. Read More

So your choice of specialist mover is critical. You want people who speak your language and understand the problems and priorities of your business. Problems like transporting scenery, properties and costumes around Russia for a national opera company or a troupe of acrobats, dancers or actors on a touring circuit of third world nations.

At Anglo Pacific we've taken time to master such complexities and pressures to ensure that your deadlines are met. Our experience and range of specialist services have helped move companies as diverse as the Royal Shakespeare Company, English National Ballet, Rambert Dance Company and the Royal National Theatre, a testament to our experience and expertise.

Shows and Exhibitions Services

  • Theatrical and exhibition forwarding specialists
  • Scenery, props, costumes, sound and lighting equipment
  • ATA Carnets and temporary import guarantees
  • Shipment by sea, air or road worldwide

Email us with your equipment list and proposed itinerary or call us on 0800 633 5445 and get the facts from our friendly experts. We move the people who move the world.

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